Helping Companies Achieve Maximum Value from Their Software Investments

Technology can help your business improve upon processes that lead to errors, delays and missed opportunities. You want to find a solution that is right for you - but the software products out there are not quite right. The products you see either do not meet all of your needs, or try to be everything to everyone providing much more than you need - with a price that is out of your range.

Custom software always seemed like it would be ideal, but you ask: "Aren't there too many risks with Custom?" or "How will I be supported when the work is done?".


Platform for Business Applications

More than just another Platform as a Service (PaaS), Korcode brings the power of a platform with flexibility in design without the data privacy drawbacks of Cloud

Modular Software Design

Korcode is built with Modularity and Re-use in mind. Your Modules can be deployed, shared, and reused in your organization

Compatability and Support

Solutions build on the Korcode Framwork enjoy the benefits of having a supported and modern framework that keeps up with their evolving needs



  • API Standards (JSON RPC)
  • Simple & Secure Protocols
  • Flexible Communication Protocols
  • Modular in Code Design and Layering technology
  • Simple Testing Suite
  • Reusable UI Designs
  • WYSIWYG design tools replacing complex coding tasks
  • Reduce development time by orders of magnitude
  • Selectable and Scalable Access Security (Tokens, Sessions, more)
  • SSL Encrypted Certificates
  • Customizable Application Security
  • Layered Development with Standard Technologies (no external dependencies)
  • Built with Scalability and Enterprise in mind
  • Built in Admin tools allow for monitoring, testing and other maintenance tasks
  • Scheduler and Registry Editor Tools help with application maintenance
  • Build your own Administrative tools!



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